Facultative Reinsurance:

Through its intensive technical expertise, disciplined underwriting approach and in-depth market knowledge; Trust Insurance Solutions provides facultative reinsurance solutions tailored to meet the increasing demand of the energy, construction, manufacturing and commercial sectors.

Facultative Reinsurance means reinsurance of individual risks under offering and accepting, wherein the reinsurer retains the "faculty" to accept or reject each offered risk therefore we at Trust Insurance Solutions aim to serve Insurance Companies, Reinsurance Companies and Brokers by offering high quality capacity backed by superior security with a strong focus on technical risk selection based on the best international practices.

Such values are integral to the manner we do business and communicate with all relevant parties. These include:

  • Sabotage, Terrorism and Political Risks
  • Trade Credit
  • Property and Business Interruption
  • Energy; On Shore and Off Shore
  • Aviation Hulls and Airports
  • Marine Hulls, Ports and Terminals
  • Casualty
  • Micro Products Insurance
  • Bankers Blanket Bond (BBB)
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • General Liability
  • Accidents
  • Motor Fleets
  • Personal Accidents and Passive War
  • Political Violence Insurance
  • Jewelers Block Insurance
  • Crop Insurance

Treaty Reinsurance:

Trust Insurance Solutions underwrites, quotes and provides all lines of Treaty Reinsurance including property, engineering, motor and marine on both proportional "quota share and surplus" and non-proportional "excess of loss or stop loss" bases.

Trust Insurance Solutions provides treaty reinsurance protection to many leading direct insurance companies in its geographical areas of operation, in form of annual Treaties on proportional and non-proportional bases with a sizable underwriting capacity.

Add to that, Treaty Reinsurance does not require review of individual risks by the reinsurer; it however demands a careful review of the underwriting philosophy, practice and historical experience of the ceding insurer.

Retrocession Reinsurance:

Reinsurance of reinsurance. This secondary reinsurance is called a Retrocession. The transaction whereby a reinsurer cedes to another reinsurer all or part of the reinsurance it has previously assumed.

Trust Insurance Solutions retrocession specialists are ready to support clients and reinsurance companies with their collective experience and knowledge in European, Regional, Asian and Emerging Markets.